Asset Management Club


Asset management club is an ace club providing an interactive platform for all stakeholders in the value chain of Asset Based Finance (ABF). This is a platform where all stakeholders can come and share their trade-related bottlenecks and also search for a timely and cost-effective solution. The concerned parties can be anyone in the chain starting from financial institutions, recovery persons, repossession agents, parking yard owners, people in the business of asset refurbishment, logistics persons, persons in the business of 2nd hand assets sale and purchase, lawyers, and professionals involved in enforcement to anyone who is involved in the associated functions as well. Asset management club provides the opportunity to each and every one of the above ABF community seek and offer their services to one another and in turn add value to their own businesses. The forum will be updating its members on a periodical basis, on the recent regulations passed by various authorities and also current developments affecting the ABF business in the country and across the world.

Asset Management Club is an initiative of Rapido Asset Solucion LLP with the sole intention of making the ABF community cohesive,  collaborative, and thus progressive.